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Abundant Wisdom Necklace


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**Authentic Ingano Jewelry & Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)**

The Ingano people of Putumayo, Colombia, are a wise and light-hearted tribe with tremendous love and wisdom to share. They are herbalists and medicine people who love the plants and live their lives in deep reverence for Pachamama (Mother Earth). This tribe produces beautiful handwoven beaded jewelry that is inspired through visions received from the sacred plant medicines that they work with.

Their handicraft describes the ceremony of Life, through the pintas (visions) of the Inga culture. In this lineage, their beadwork captures the essence of the guidance that comes through their shamanic communions with Spirit. They describe their beadwork as “weaving the dreaming”; each bracelet or necklace is woven in a state of silent prayer, and specific intentions or visions are infused into the craft.

Unique Symbolism of this Piece: Woven throughout this necklace is an intricate prayer to help you to remember your innate primordial wisdom & infinite strength when you are connected to all of Creation. This piece will weave the threads between your soul & the Creator, helping to fortify this relationship and blessing you with the gifts of connectedness, intuition, and wholeness.

When one of these pieces calls to you, it means that the prayer of the specific bracelet resonates with the vibration your own soul’s blueprint. You are being called to a piece to support you in deepening within the specific power or intention that that weaving invokes. Another way to find the piece that is right for you is to tune in, ask Creator what your intention is for having one of these pieces, and to call forth the piece that supports you in that intention. You will instantly be attracted to the right piece for you and there will be a clear yes in your heart when you’ve found the right piece 🙂

Made in: Putumayo, Colombia

1 review for Abundant Wisdom Necklace

  1. krystinmrogers

    I have a similar necklace, My second Four visions necklace and I’m torn between the two. I want to wear them both all the time because of their beauty!

    I love to think of those who made the necklaces, sitting in meditation and transferring ancestral wisdom into each piece! My favorite thing about four visions is the authenticity of every item and so much is donated to these incredible people!!

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