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3 piece Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set


limited quantity of this limited edition product

For over two thousand years, wise women across cultures and traditions have used the ancient powers of crystal eggs to bring forth wellness and vitality of the Goddess. Nourishing and strengthening the sexual powers enhance and strengthen the spiritual energy in the body. These crystal eggs are designed to help you to tap into your sensuality and become more deeply empowered in your sexuality. This set includes 3 pieces of different sizes for you to have everything you need to get started. It is suggested to start with the largest stone and as you strengthen your pelvic muscles work towards the smaller one which is the most advanced practice.

Check out our free video on how to begin a crystal egg practice, here.

Cultivate the sacred energy of love and recharge your heart chakra with the Rose Quartz yoni egg. Reawaken trust through the soothing vibrations to calm and cleanse your auric field to open yourself up to a deeper love connection. The vibration of love that flows from this stone penetrates deeply into the cellular level where it brings harmony and unity to your heart.

This Rose Quartz vaginal stone can transform both intimacy and orgasmic pleasure as it fosters a strong connection between your heart center and your inner sex goddess by releasing wounds, building trust, and activating your spirituality. This soft pink stone infuses a deep healing and rejuvenating energy that inspires you to always act from a space of love, compassion and sensuality.

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1 review for 3 piece Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set

  1. Jenna Williams

    I didn’t trust buying my eggs from Amazon due to the uncertainty of the eggs being genuine and not fake. These are truly authentic!

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