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Hapé Immersion
with Chief Haru

February 2023

This immersion will not only deepen your understanding of hapé and its spiritual benefits, but will also provide you with the tools and knowledge to share with others about this incredible plant medicine.

Starting from


This three-day immersion
is right for you if:

You are brand new to hapé and wish to begin working with it, but would like to receive proper training and education regarding its powerful properties and uses from an Amazonian Master.

You already have a strong relationship with hapé and feel called to be traditionally initiated as a carrier by an indigenous leader.

You desire to share, teach, and educate others about hapé plant medicines and would like to have the proper training, authentication, and certification to support your work.

This event will take place from Friday, February 3rd through Sunday, February 5th, at H’OM Sanctuary Miami.

Regardless of your current relationship with hapé, this immersion will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience in a 3 day initiation with the Amazonian plant medicines.

You will walk away with a deep connection to hapé, rooted in culture & integrity, ready to take your practice to the next level, whether it be in your personal spiritual path or in the sharing of these tools with others.

Average Rating of 4.9 based on 100+ Reviews

Here’s what the immersion include

ALL plant medicines throughout the weekend training

(Hapé, Sananga, Plant Baths, Amazonian Body Paint)

All workshops, rituals, and ceremonies

hosted by Haru & Hayra

100% organic gluten-free meals

from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

A personalized Hapé Immersion Participation Certificate

signed by Chief Haru of the Kuntanawa Tribe and endorsed by Four Visions Market

Bonuses that you get

BONUS #1 :

Exclusive access to hapés and other spiritual tools and medicines at HUGE discounts so that you can stock up on all the supplies you need to begin your hapé sharing practice (including savings up to 40%!) –

These will be available to purchase at the event only, PLUS get 20% off on all your FVM purchases for one month following the event. *excludes our subscriptions*

BONUS #2 :

Access to the recordings of Chief Haru’s 6 Month Hapé Apprenticeship Program from 2021 ($180 value)

BONUS #3 :

Access to the recordings of 2022’s Hapé Practitioner Training ($195 value)

Average Rating of 4.9 based on 100+ Reviews

Don’t just take our
word for it…

Wonderful course that has brought a ton of inspiration to my daily life and my medicine practices.

Austin L. Verified Customer

And so I fell in love with the work that Four Vision Market is doing. After seeing all the interviews and having the opportunity to connect with the knowledge of each of these incredible people of the Amazon rainforest, it is a blessing. I saw the love that they have to share for humanity, for healing humanity and connecting humanity through love using these sacred tools from Mother Nature, sharing the knowledge on how to use the gift of all this sacred medicine that is here for us, to heal us, with the presence of love and the connection with the entire cosmos. It is an incredible opportunity. And as Four Vision Market works as a bridge of knowledge, connection, to help spread knowledge that was about to disappear, but would never disappear, because that is why the natives of the world are here, to remind us who we are, where we come from and what is our true essence; that healing is through love, and that we have all these gifts. Thank you for the exchange between us and the native community of the Amazon jungle; and at the same time how much value they are giving back for their work. Much love and gratitude. From my heart.

Valen S. Verified Customer

Reserve your spot now

To reserve your space, select the accommodations of your choice (option to pay in full, PIF, or make a deposit, with the remaining $1000 due at the event)

Accommodation Type:

This event will take place from Friday, February 4th through Sunday, February 6th, at H’OM Sanctuary Miami. Check out their instagram @hom_miami for some epic pictures of this fabulous location.

Accommodations Options

You are welcome to buy one of the rooms/belle tents and share with up to 2 other people.
These prices include tuition for one person. If sharing your room with a friend, have them sign up on the *commuter* tier. Available accommodations are:
Private Room with Queen Bed in the Mansion with shared bath: $2250
Glamping Belle Tent with Queen Bed, shared bath: $2000
Camping (bring your own bedding and camp out in one of the screened enclosed areas or pitch a tent): $1700
Commuter: No additional cost, just the $1400 tuition. Rent an airbnb or hotel with your friends close by! *choose this option if your friend has purchased the room that you plan to share with them*

If you are new to hapé, this experience will provide you with detailed and powerful knowledge to ensure your hapé practice brings you the greatest healing for body, mind, and spirit. You will leave this training with knowledge that many others take years to gain, and will be able to quickly develop a dynamic and influential relationship with the hapé plant medicine. If you are more experienced with the plant medicines, this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to deepen your understanding, receive powerful teachings and training to support you in sharing with others the healing power of hapé.

You may wish to view our 7 day Advanced Practitioner Training Event as well to determine which one is right for you. Last year, our inaugural training was 3 days however we found that it was difficult to fit all the necessary curriculum for an authentic “certification” in just 3 days. That is why we have decided to make the 3 day event this year be an immersion designed for those who are wanting to receive the initiation, teachings, and experience with hapé. In doing so, we are making an effort to create an event that also gives proper space for integration, sharing with others, and connection with Nature, in addition to the profound curriculum. For those who are sincerely desiring to serve this medicine to others and be trained in proper use and facilitation, we highly recommend attending our week long training. You can learn more about the March 11-18th event here.

Any questions regarding the event feel free to email us at

Here is the tentative schedule for the immersion: 

Day 1 (February 3rd):
3pm: Arrivals & Registration
4pm: Opening Charla & Hapé Circle
5.30pm: Dinner
7pm: Traditional Kuntanawa Music Circle: Learn A Chant For Hapé

Day 2 (February 4th):
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Plant Baths
10:30am: Charla: Working in Integrity With The Plant Medicines
12pm: Lunch & rest
2pm: Amazonian Body Painting Ritual
3:30pm: Hapé Initiation With Sananga
6pm: Dinner
7pm-9pm: Music, Sharing, & Q&A with Chief Haru

Day 3 (February 5th):
6am: Hapé Ceremony with Sananga Followed By Plant Baths
8am: Breakfast
9am: Charla: The Different Herbs From The Culture & Their Uses
10:30am: Spiritual Payment: Earth Offering
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Closing Circle, Photos, & Certification
2pm: Departures