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Our all time Best-sellers:


Tsunu Bullet Hapé **strongest**



Ambi Sacha Yagé Tincture–Made by Taita Juanito



Ambil Pura



Divine Mother Rose Hapé



Feminine Force Hapé



Mint Dream Hapé



Nukini Jaguar Hapé **NEW**



Nukini Parika Visionary Hapé


Best rated products:


*NEW* Suma Causay Tincture For Sleep



Divine Mother Rose Hapé



1/4 Ounce Hapé Sampler Pack



Immunity Warrior Hapé



Nukini Sananga Eyedrops **Medium Strength**



Nukini Sansara Song of the Jungle Hapé



Shawadawa Spiritual Purification Hapé



Vine of the Soul Yagé Hapé


4 Huge Impacts You Create When You Buy From Four Visions

  • You are putting profit directly into the hands of the artisan, tribes and healers who offer their art and tools on Four Visions Market. All our indigenous products are sourced with beyond the normal concept of Fair Trade practices.
  • Your purchase here also helps support M.A.G.I.C Fund (Movement for Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures a 501c3-Non-Profit) dedicated to helping Amazonian land and culture preservation. You also support other direct action contributions where you are giving back to the Earth and tribal communities.
  • When you bring these spiritual tools and art to your home, you give greater opportunity to entire communities. When native families can live from their art and culture they do not need to send sons and daughters to work for miners and oil barons.
  • You are receiving spiritual medicine, tools and art you can rely on. Our artisans weave, make, mold and craft while holding the prayers of their traditions; as taught to them by their ancestors. Each piece is made or harvested in meditation with the intention of bringing the end user a powerful prayer of light. You carry these prayers into the world with you.

We proudly support Movement For Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures (M.A.G.I.C Fund) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated towards the preservation, protection, and mobilization of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and their cultures.

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