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Our Vision:

Four Visions Market began in 2015 with the vision of building opportunity, sharing culture, and spreading a little more love in the World. Together, we have opened new doors connecting the Western Mind with Amazonian Soul Medicine. We empower & support more than 30 different indigenous artists & their families through the fair trade purchase of their spiritual tools & art. We are honored to source high quality made in prayer medicines for our community. Our mission is to host a beyond fair trade digital platform where Amazonian tribes, healers and artisans can offer the highest quality spiritual tools and art, made in the ancestral prayer, to the global citizen who walks the plant medicine path.

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4 Huge Impacts You Create When You Buy From Four Visions Market

1. You are putting profit directly into the hands of the artisan, tribes and healers who offer their art and tools on Four Visions Market. All our indigenous products are sourced with beyond the normal concept of Fair Trade practices.

2. Your purchase here also helps support M.A.G.I.C Fund (Movement for Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures a 501c3-Non-Profit) dedicated to helping Amazonian land and culture preservation. You also support other direct action contributions where you are giving back to the Earth and tribal communities.

3. When you bring these spiritual tools and art to your home, you give greater opportunity to entire communities. When native families can live from their art and culture they do not need to send sons and daughters to work for miners and oil barons.

4. You are receiving spiritual medicine, tools and art you can rely on. Our artisans weave, make, mold and craft while holding the prayers of their traditions; as taught to them by their ancestors. Each piece is made or harvested in meditation with the intention of bringing the end user a powerful prayer of light. You carry these prayers into the world with you.

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Giving Back: Four Visions’ Commitment to Sacred Reciprocity

An additional 10% of profits is donated to various projects spearheaded by the Indigenous tribes we work with. We proudly support Movement For Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures (M.A.G.I.C Fund) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated towards the preservation, protection, and mobilization of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and their cultures. Revenue generated through Four Visions Market is regularly donated to MAGIC Fund for application towards their direct action Amazon preservation projects.

In addition, here are some of the other projects you are directly supporting when you make a purchase at FVM:

  1. Kuntanawa Nation Water Restoration Project: Designed to help reclaim lost water sources and purify existing ones.
  2. Yawanawa Arts Center: A teaching space preserving the weaving wisdom & traditional arts of the Yawanawa culture.
  3. Yawanawa Language & Culture Center: A study center for both indigenous and non-indigenous people to come and study the Yawanawa culture & deepen in the ancestral knowledge.
  4. Sustainable Food & Medicinal Plant Regrowth for various indigenous communities: Designed to promote self-sufficient food growing and plant medicine preservation, working with the Ingano, Kuntanawa, Huni Kuin, & Yawanawa communities
  5. Witoto Ancestral Memory and Calendar Preservation: The Witoto Tribe has been one of the most displaced Amazonian Tribes in modern days. They use a unique calendar to help guide individuals on their life path. And the Witoto mythology holds secrets to their rich history and healing modalities. The preservation of both the Witoto mythology and calendar is paramount to their survival. We’re currently funding a Witoto Elder’s project to record & further these ancestral teachings…

This means, because of you, more wisdom keepers and Indigenous tribes can grow with their culture, share their knowledge and support our World.

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Sample Letter To Your Platform

Dear (Insert First Name/Friend),

Today I want to share with you about where I get my spiritual tools. For me, and I know for you too, it matters where I source my healing products & plant allies. That’s why I was so grateful when I learned about Four Visions Market!

Their mission is to host a beyond fair trade digital platform where Amazonian tribes, healers and artisans can offer the highest quality spiritual tools and art, made in ancestral prayer, to the global citizen who walks the plant medicine path. Sounds epic, right? That’s because it is!

Everything from Four Visions Market is handcrafted with strong intention and prayer through ancient traditions, helping you to strengthen your spiritual armor and become a strong pillar for others in need. When you bring these tools and art in your home, workplace or community, you receive the blessing of the ancestral wisdom encoded within each product, and this blessing amplifies out into the world.

Four Visions Market resonates in my heart and soul because they are aligned with my own values, morals and ethics in life of supporting and empowering indigenous tribes and sourcing the highest quality plant medicines & tools available.

I use the tools from their marketplace daily as a part of my spiritual practice, for my daily and long term intentions and goals to support my health and well-being and deepen my connection to the ancestral plant wisdom. My favorite products I use on a consistent basis are: [insert favorite products & make sure to hyperlink them with your tracking URL].

I really do believe in this company & in their vision, so I’ve teamed up with them to offer you 10% off your first purchase. Use the code [insert your platform discount code, remember, you have to request this code from us under the COUPONS tab] at checkout! They also have a super generous return policy so if you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, a full refund or store credit will be awarded!

Make sure to write to me and let me know what you think about their products!! And if you have any questions, please reach out! I love sharing and educating about these sacred tools.

Your Name