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Advanced Practitioner
Hapé Training with Chief Haru

March 2023

This training will not only deepen your understanding of hapé and its spiritual benefits but will also provide you with the tools and knowledge to teach others about this incredible plant medicine.

Starting from


This 7-day Advanced Practitioner Training
is right for you if:

Already have a relationship with hapé but wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this sacred ally (those who are newer to hapé and are sincerely feeling a strong call are also welcome!)

Are looking for more insight into the ceremonial and indigenous practices of hapé and how to turn to them in daily life 

Wish to share the power of this plant medicine with others, and want to gain the tools and insights necessary to do so 

Want a deeply immersive experience that includes saunas, plant baths, spiritual payments and extensive curriculum to initiate you properly into the healing therapies from the Kuntanawa culture.

Desire a more extensive retreat like environment to be able to deepen and integrate these profound experiences

PLUS: the 7-day training includes an additional curriculum like Kuntanawa language study and song immersion, a Sananga making workshop, private consultations with Chief Haru to support you in your individual studies, and access to all the additional experiences at the incredible Tubac Ranch.

This event will take place from Saturday, March 11th through Saturday, March 18th, at Tubac, Arizona.

This is the ultimate opportunity to become a certified Hapé Practitioner, authenticated by the Reining Chief of one of the Amazonian Hapé Tribes. You will walk away with a deep connection to hapé, rooted in culture & integrity, ready to take your practice to the next level, whether it be in your personal spiritual path or in the sharing of these tools with others.

Check out Tubac Ranch for more details about this fabulous location. Located at the foothills of the Tumacacori mountains and just southwest of the Santa Rita mountains, 40 miles south of Tucson.

Average Rating of 4.9 based on 100+ Reviews

Here’s what the tuition include

Shuttle Service To And From Tucson International Airport.

More details about arrival and departure time coordination given upon registration.

ALL plant medicines throughout the weeklong training

(Hapé, Kambo, Sananga, Plant Baths, Amazonian Body Paint)

A Bottle of Sananga

That You Will Make During the Retreat to Take Home With You!

All workshops, rituals, and ceremonies

hosted by Haru & Hayra

100% organic gluten-free meals

from Saturday 3/11 Dinner to Saturday 3/18 Breakfast

A personalized Hapé Advanced Practitioner Training Certificate

signed by Chief Haru of the Kuntanawa Tribe and endorsed by Four Visions Market

Bonuses that you get

BONUS #1 :

Exclusive access to hapés and other spiritual tools and medicines at HUGE discounts so that you can stock up on all the supplies you need to begin your hapé sharing practice (including savings up to 40%!) –

These will be available to purchase at the event only, PLUS get 20% off on all your FVM purchases for one month following the event. *excludes our subscriptions*

BONUS #2 :

Access to the recordings of Chief Haru’s 6 Month Hapé Apprenticeship Program from 2021 ($180 value)

BONUS #3 :

Access to the recordings of 2022’s Hapé Practitioner Training ($195 value)

Average Rating of 4.9 based on 100+ Reviews

Don’t just take our
word for it…

It is so amazing that technology has connected all of us in ways never before possible. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be able to learn these Sacred Teachings and practices from such an amazing Tribal Leader and Medicine man such as Haru Kuntanawa. I really appreciate how generous he is when answering individual questions and really taking the time to help us on our Path. Thank you all for making this course possible!

Cecelia R. Verified Customer

I absolutely love these special classes and where we can join together. And yes Haru Kuntanawa is a wonderful teacher. I feel incredibly honored and blessed each time I get to sit and even video presence. And here his great wisdom of the plant medicine and the sacred ceremonies. Helping each one of us to achieve our own sacred beingness. If you have a chance to join us please do I think you’re really enjoy the beautiful family

Gizz H. Verified Customer

Reserve your spot now

To reserve your space, make your deposit based on the accommodations of choice.


Second Payment of $1000 is due by January 15th.

Final Payment of $1000 is due upon arrival on March 11th

Accommodation Type:

This event will take place from Saturday, March 11th through Saturday, March 18th, at Tubac, Arizona.. Check out their instagram @hom_miami for some epic pictures of this fabulous location.


Private Suite Queen Bed Private Bathroom: $4111 per person (couple discount available; second person would be $3333)
Shared Suite Queen Bed Private Bathroom (2 people per room): $3555 per person
Shared Suite Twin Bed Private Bathroom (2 people per room): $3333 per person
Dormitory: Twin Bed Shared Bathroom (3-4 people per room; same gender): $2999 per person 

You may wish to view our 3 Day Hapé Immersion Event happening February 4-6th in Miami as well to determine which experience is right for you. Last year, our inaugural training was 3 days however we found that it was difficult to fit all the necessary curriculum for an authentic “certification” in just 3 days. That is why we have decided to make the 3 day event this year be an immersion designed for those who are wanting to receive the initiation, teachings, and experience with hapé. In doing so, we are making an effort to create events that also give proper space for integration, sharing with others, and connection with Nature, in addition to the profound curriculum. For those who are sincerely desiring to serve this medicine to others and be trained in proper use and facilitation, we highly recommend attending our week long training. You can learn more about the February 4-6th event here.

Any questions regarding the event feel free to email us at

Here is the tentative schedule for the training. Please note it is subject to change. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Day 1 (March 11th):
3pm-5pm: Arrivals, Registration, & Settling In
5.30pm: Dinner
7pm: Opening Circle With Introductions, Prayers & Music

Day 2 (March 12th):
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am-12pm: Saunas, Plant Baths & One-On-One Consultations with Chief Haru Simultaneously
12pm: Lunch & rest
2pm: Amazonian Body Painting Ritual
3:30pm: Hapé Initiation With Sananga
6pm: Dinner
7pm-9pm: Charla: Working in Integrity With The Plant Medicines

Day 3 (March 13th):
6am: Kambo Ceremony
9:30am: Light Breakfast & Rest Till Lunchtime
12pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Integration Circle, Check In, Q&A With Chief Haru
3:30pm-5:30pm Free Time (Massages, Saunas and Pool Time)
6pm: Dinner
7pm-8pm: Traditional Kuntanawa Music Circle: Learn A Chant For Hapé

Day 4 (March 14th):
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Plant Baths
10:30am: Medicine Carriers Workshop: How to Apply Hapé Properly
12:30pm -2pm Lunch & Free Time
2pm: Sananga Making Workshop
4pm-6pm Rest & Free Time (Massages, Saunas, & Pool Time)
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Hapé Circle, Music & Sharing

Day 5 (March 15th):
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Spiritual Payment-Earth Offering
12pm: Lunch & rest
2pm: Body Painting Class- Traditional Kuntanawa Symbology
3:30pm: Hapé Initiation Ceremony #2
6pm: Dinner
7pm-9pm: Partner Work, One-On-One Client Practice Sessions

Day 6 (March 16th) 
6am: Optional Second Kambo Session
9am: Breakfast
10am: Rest & Free Time (Massages, Saunas, & Pool Time)
12pm: Lunch
2pm-4pm: Private Follow Up Consultations With Chief Haru For Those That Wish
Saunas & Plant Baths Happening Simultaneously
4pm: Partner Work, One-On-One Client Practice Sessions
6pm Dinner
7pm-9pm Music & Sharing

Day 7 (March 17th):
6am: Hapé Initiation #3
9am: Breakfast
10am-12pm: Plant Baths, Saunas, Pool Time & Free Time
12pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Final Q&A with Chief Haru; Your Work As A Hapé Practitioner
3pm: Closing Circle, Photos, & Certification
6pm: Final Dinner & Party
7pm-9pm Music & Sharing

Day 8 (March 18th): 

8am: Breakfast
10am: Departures & Shuttles to the Airport